A safe space for women

to heal and grow

Your "Beginners guide"

- Me Time: Today I choose to be true to myself -

The new journal -

Designed to guide you to reconnect with yourself

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  • Affirmations to setup self appreciation and kindness
  • Space for self reflection before you begin
  • Space to set yourself challenges for this journey
  • Space for your main affirmations for this journey
  • 190 Pages to fill with your daily thoughts and kind messages to yourself
  • Space to reflect on your journey at the end and celebrate how far you have come

For all of you amazing women out there,

that want to heal and practice self love and kindness.

Women Line Art
Women Line Art

This is how your daily check-ins will look like

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Your new affirmations

Designed to help you build confidence and be kind to yourself.

Your self reflection space

Begin this wonderful journey by reflecting, which feelings motivated you to start a new me time routine.

Take your time with this step. Maybe you want to take a cozy blanket and curl up on your coach or have some hot cocoa. Something that makes you feel good and at ease.

It’s important that you make yourself feel as safe as you can to let your mind wander - to let your mind go where it wants. Find its way to the core of your motivation to spend intentional alone time with yourself. A place of more hidden emotions, beliefs and ideas. Maybe this is a place that you let yourself visit often, maybe you have become very familiar with all those emotions that hide behind the more obvious ones. Or maybe you have no idea if you even have such a special hidden place in your mind. Wondering if there could possibly be anything waiting for you to uncover.

And yet - here you are, because you desire clarity.

About who you truly are, what you truly want and what makes you happy. Where you would like to go, if only you gave yourself permission.

Use this step to let your mind wander, until you get a clearer sense of what you are searching for.

Write down how you are feeling now. Which emotions are surfacing?

Does it feel exhilarating, new and exciting, absolutely terrifying or something in between?

Let your emotions carry you where you need to be to understand what truly motivates you to spend more alone time with yourself and you will successfully take your first step to being true to yourself.

Your space to set challenges

Let yourself dream about what that place is, that you want yourself to go to emotionally, even spiritually maybe. What do you wanna achieve? What do you envision as your destiny?

Take your time to understand what you need to do to get there.

Are there things you need to let go of? Things or people in your life that prevent you from having a true connection to your inner self?

Are there things that you need to establish in your daily or weekly routine to take better care of yourself? Things that you have been neglecting lately?

Are they maybe even completely new ways to explore for you? Ways to view yourself in a kinder and more nurturing way, to take better care of your needs and protect you from what is harming you?

What is coming to your mind? Hold on to it!

If this was a spontaneous thought, it was very likely also an honest answer to yourself.

You don't have to write it down right now and here, if you want to get more clarity about it first.

But write it down somewhere and revisit these thoughts. Try to understand where they are coming from. Believe that they have meaning and listen to what they are trying to tell you.

When you are ready, write down what you gathered. Remember, this is only the beginning of the journey - you don’t need to know exactly where you want to end up at in the end.

But the sense that you have about where that place is and how it will make you feel matters.

Write down what you think is necessary to get to this state of happiness, freedom, safety or peace - whatever it is that you want to feel and permanently achieve.

Challenge yourself, to do whatever is necessary, to take care of yourself well and allow yourself to arrive at your destiny.

Your space for your main affirmations for this journey

You can use this for your favorite affirmations that you will write to yourself during this journey or write down affirmations upfront to help you focus on your set challenges - aiming at your destiny.

190 Pages to fill with your daily thoughts and kind messages to yourself

Your Daily check-ins : What matters to you today, what do you want to let go today and what do you want to shift your focus to?

A bigger "want to - to do list" and a smaller "must do - to list" - helping you to see the difference between what you simply must do, or think you must do… and those things that actually matter to you. Be honest to yourself. What do you truly want?

Self love, peace and happiness can only come if you are connected to yourself and listen to yourself. “Today I choose to focus on..”, “Today I choose to be kind to myself. I want to love myself for..” and “Today I choose to let go of..”, helps you to build up lasting appreciation for who you are and your efforts. Building up confidence and reminding yourself to let go of what is standing in between you and your destiny.

Enjoy the bliss of learning everyday more about yourself and building self love and appreciation.

At the end of every entry you can finish with your own affirmation for the day to remind yourself to be true to yourself.

(190 pages for 80 days of intentional me time)

Your space to reflect on your journey

It's time to take one step back and appreciate how far you have come. You have climbed hills and mountains on your path to your destiny. Enjoy the view!

What are your favorite learnings? Have you been able to let go of first harmful beliefs? Took first steps to a kinder and more loving way to treat yourself and others? Found more peace dealing with your past and future? Be proud of how far you have come in pursuit of clarity and happiness and take time to celebrate before you continue on this path.

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